Relationships at Work - The Leadership Mindset Guide to Creating a Workplace We Love

MILESTONE! 10 Leadership Lessons in 100 Episodes - A R@W Note

October 05, 2023 Russel Lolacher Episode 100
Relationships at Work - The Leadership Mindset Guide to Creating a Workplace We Love
MILESTONE! 10 Leadership Lessons in 100 Episodes - A R@W Note
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In this episode of Relationships at Work, communications and leadership nerd (and host) Russel Lolacher celebrates the show's 100 episode milestone with 10 lessons and takeaways. 

After almost two years of digging into leadership, workplace cultures and employee experiences with brilliant guests from around the word, Russel shares his experiences, what stood out for him and what we can make note of in our own work. 

Happy 100, Relationships at Work!!! Here's to another 100. 

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This feels like when I was a kid watching TV and they’d “this is a very special episode of…” Knight Rider or Silver Spoons or whatever. 

This episode is a big milestone for the show. It’s number 100 of Relationships at Work. Yaaaaaaahh..

So for this one, I’m going to dig into some interesting lessons learned in that time. Ten of ‘em! Because 100 would be a little long. 

But first I want to thank you for listening. Whether you’ve been there from the beginning or you’re a newbie. I appreciate every listen, like, share, conversation, watch, email… all of it. 

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 I have and had a lot of hopes for this show: 
 Sure, I hoped to get to 100. Here we are. 
 But I also hoped to be a guide for leaders to create a workplace we love. 

Truthfully, there are a lot of people, good people, in leadership roles with very leadership training. I hoped for this show to add to the conversation of improving leadership, workplace cultures and employee experience. And provide a resource for professional development, for others and myself.

And with your help, I think we’re off to a pretty great start. 

A 100 episodes of a start! But like I said, let’s boil it down to just 10 lessons/highlights/takeaways from listening and learning to some amazing brains in the leadership, employee experience and workplace culture space but also my own insights. I’ve been around a while and done pretty OK as a leader. 

So let’s do it. 

TEN LESSONS from 10 Times that amount of Episodes of Relationships at Work!!

  1. Definitions Matter 
  2. Values mean nothing on a poster, they must be operationalized.
  3. Culture is not ONE thing. Culture is 1000s of subcultures
  4. Diversity and inclusion covers a lot more than you think.
  5. Psychological safety is everything. If you don’t have it, you don’t have a foundation to build anything.
  6. We carry workplace trauma for decades.
  7. Engagement isn’t a checked box 
  8. Disengaged strategies are a bigger challenge than engagement ones 
  9. Problems are universal, regardless of industry. 
  10. The one thing people can do to improve relationships at work - effort and priority.